. Official Bloggers/A Note to Future Sponsors .

Both Bella and Caiti are not actively looking for sponsors for this blog.

Why?  We both work full time 40+ hours a week in RL.

Please note, that if you contact us to be your bloggers…as stated below…we will NOT agree to do ANY number of posts per event/release.  If this is not something you feel you want regardless of you liking our work, then we understand, so please save yourself the time and us…and just don’t ask us.

If by chance you do like what we do, please feel free to contact either Caitlin Mirabella or Belladonna Wexhome VIA notecard in world…NOT BOTH. With the exception of a very small, very elite group of designers and events we are not taking on the same sponsors.  Please also note, that neither Bella nor Caiti will agree to do ANY number of posts a month if asked to be an official blogger. Caiti and Bella also will not spend seven hours filling out sponsorship requests.  It should not take less to fill out RL applications to get approved for a mortgage than to fill out an SL Blogger Application.  Real life is too busy and living our Second Lives the way we want to is too much fun. #sorrynotsorry

Bella is an Official Blogger for the following brands (in alphabetical order)

PurpleMoon Creations
WetCat Poses
Wicca’s Wardrobe

Official Blogger for Rock Your Rack (2013, 2014, 2015, 2017)
Avi Choice Nominee – Favorite Female Blogger (2013, 2014, 2015)

Caiti is an Official Blogger for the following brands (in alphabetical order)

Cordeaux Poses
[Gos] Boutique
.ladybird. (Poses, makeup and tattoos)
{ Speakeasy } Tattoos

Caiti is an official blogger for the following events:

Pose Fair