. In Regards to Copybotters (AKA Scum of SL) .

Both Bella and Caiti have never, will never support copybotters and thieves.

What is a copybotter?  A piece of shit.

What is NOT a copybotter – a designer who makes a dress that may be the same color/ripped pattern as yours. (and if you don’t hand draw your own textures, it’s bound to happen). Nor are they a copybotter if they use the same mesh template as you (despite what people are led to believe in SL – making mesh, rigging mesh and weighing mesh properly is very hard to do and very time consuming…most “original” mesh designers pay people who are 3D artists to create their “original” mesh — nothing wrong with that.  Don’t hate the playa hate the game)

It’s also the reason you see the same “original” mesh design with different textures on it at multiple events from the same designers — can we all agree we are tired of body suits?

In the age of mesh templates there are a lot of designers who make similar outfits.  Mesh has changed the way designers design in SL.  Not everyone has the time, money or aptitude to learn a mesh making program or spend hours learning how to rig and weigh something properly.  These designers are NOT copybotters.  Even in RL designers make outfits that look similar. (Google Ralph Lauren/Michael Kors Key Chain dresses)

If you can’t tell the difference you are an asshole and probably believe that a disclaimer in your profile releases you from LL TOS in regards to sharing chat logs.

Spend time taking down the copybotters and thieves not other legitimate designers.