. What We’re Always Wearing.

Bella and Caiti rarely change their skins, bodies and eyes. So to help their readers who are interested in what they are wearing, they’ll provide some information below. ❤


Bella believes in people being self sufficient in Second Life and comes from the old school of bloggers where you just named the store and didn’t provide a link and people had to actually do an in world search for the store….but those days of looking shit up and reading notecards is long gone…let’s harken back to those times for a moment shall we? (It’s like a ride at EPCOT)

Head – Simone Bento Mesh Head by LeLutka
Body – Maitreya Lara
Skin – Body -EDITED ON JANUARY 26, 2018 – FROM THIS POINT FORWARD SKIN IS THE MAITREYA BODY APPLIER IN SORBET FROM THE SKINNERY  Prior to that  it was Erin Skin in Pale (Maitreya Applier) by League
Skin – FaceEDITED ON JANUARY 26, 2018 – FROM THIS POINT FORWARD FACIAL APPLIER IS ZETA IN SORBET LELUTKA APPLIER FROM THE SKINNERY  PRIOR TO THAT IT WAS Luna in Pale with freckles (cause she’s a basic bitch who just happens to hate Pumpkin Spiced Lattes oh and her SL hubby likes freckles and well..he has to look at her) (Lelutka Applier for Simone Bento) by League
Hands – Vista Bento hands with pale appliers from, you guessed it..League.
Nails – Unless otherwise stated, she is wearing the Sirens Heart (XL Almond) bento nails from Gorgeous Dolls. EDITED  – SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2017 – FROM THIS POINT BELLA IS WEARING THE EMPIRE NAILS ALMOND SHAPE LONG. These are OMEGA compatible nails.
Eyes – They have always been some shade of violet/purple since 2009.  She was told the entire time she modeled they were “unnatural” – she claims being 8 feet tall and 100 pounds was even more unnatural.
Eyebrow Shape – the one that comes with the Simone Head – tweaked and edited to the nth degrees (Seriously ladies…you can edit almost every single part of the face with the exception of the jowls…try to spend some time and look a little bit original…what the hell did you pay for? The ability to give a creepy Wednesday Addams smile?)
Monroe Piercing
Nose Ring
Belly Piercing (please refer back to the basic bitch statement in the Skin-Face paragraph)
Other piercings – Wouldn’t you like to know…ask you’re boyfriend..he knows what it is.
Tattoo on back of neck and shoulders.  I will link this….It’s the Dark Shadows tattoo (maitreya/simone appliers) from White Widow.  Why will i link it?  Cause Julie Hastings the creator is one of the kindest people in Second Life.
Tattoo on back of legs – back in the days of system bodies, Bella fell in love and wore a simple tattoo on the back of her legs that was just a bow at mid thigh and a seam that ran down the back of her legs.  Once she got a mesh body, she had to give up that tat as she did not find one that she liked for the mesh body. Recently, a dear friend of hers created an original tattoo that is reminiscent (but totally original) of the one she used to wear. This is tattoo is not for sale from the creator and was made especially for Bella. Thank you so much for it Chade.
Shape – Back in 2009 when Bella rezzed in world, a friend gave her a full perm “model” shape. It has since gone from being an 8 foot glamazon to a 6’5″ curvy sexpot that you see now.  Bella has tweaked her shape and face over the last 7 years. Bella has not, does not and will not ever blog other shapes. Her current shape is not for sale, nor will she give the numbers out.  #sorrynotsorry

To those who decide to body shame those wearing maitreya as not a curvy body — if you know what to do with a shape, you can make ANY mesh body look curvy. As Bella has constantly stated – “If I wanted to be short and fat with a big ass and giant tits, I would stay logged into RL”


Caiti’s look is pretty set in stone. This is what you will always find on her in any blog post she does.
Updated August 11th, 2019

Head: LeLutka Simone(Caiti also has the Catwa Kimberly head for blogging purposes)
Body: Maitreya Lara v4.1(Caiti also has the major bodies[Belleza bodies, Slink Hourglass] for blogging purposes)
Skin: Glam Affair – Honey LeLutka applier 005. Caiti is a whore for Glam Affair and doesn’t wear any other skin as a rule.
Tattoos: { Speakeasy } Feline(top), { Speakeasy } Pure(bottom) – Tattoos blogged are always from Speakeasy.
Eyes: \//. Koko Eyes Aqua(L), Lilac(R) – SmoothMaterials – Caiti has been heterochromatic in Secondlife since the middle of 2009, when she discovered the joy of prim eyeballs. She drew inspiration from the late David Bowie for this look and has worn the same color per eye for eight years.
Septum Piercing: [CerberusXing] Feline Septum
Earrings: Unless otherwise stated, Caiti wears [CX] Snakebone Earrings. They were a limited edition group gift, they are not available anymore.
Left Arm: [omnis] BlackWidow (Caiti won’t always wear this in blog posts, but it will feature pretty heavily)
Shape: Caiti’s shape is her pride and joy. Originally made by her former sister, Caiti has tweaked and edited the shape consistently for the past six years, and is happy with the current result. She does not wear other shapes, does not blog other shapes, and will not share the numbers to her shape with anyone. 

Note From Everyone On SL About Caiti’s Shape – We are all extremely grateful about her tweaking especially now that both her hips share the same time zone.

Note from Caiti to Everyone on SL – You’re welcome. ❤


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