. About The Bloggers – Belladonna & Caitlin

Belladonna Wexhome (in world display name ßєℓℓⱥđøииⱥ Šøℓø)

*Currently taking an extended blogging leave of absence due to RL obligations*

Belladonna is a seasoned and established blogger in SecondLife, having started her blogging “career” back in 2011 with her first blog on Blogger.com called “BellaUnbound”. That blog focused on free and inexpensive items one could find around the grid with group gifts and grid wide hunts. Slowly she began getting sponsors, the first being PurpleMoon Creations. Stepping into the world of SL High Fashion and modeling for a “blink and you’ll miss it” second, she moved her blog to WordPress in 2014.

Bella has had the pleasure and honor of having her blog be sponsored by some of the biggest names in SL Fashion, including but not limited to: PurpleMoon Creations, Gizza Creations, LaVian, My Precious by Agnes Finney, Vero Modero, Ghee, Finesmith, Lazuri, Moondance Boutique and Wicca’s Wardrobe.  Bella’s blog differed from most as she used it as a platform to talk about things outside of the fashion world, both relevant to SL and RL. Her blog and style were highly inspired by that of one of her mentors in the fashion world, Caoimhe Lionheart.

At the end of 2015, Bella took an unscheduled break from the blog world, not happy with the direction blogging in SL was taking.  During that break she did the one thing she had never done in her 7 years in SecondLife and got married. Now known in her private SLife as Belladonna Battitude, she concentrated on her SL Family, friends and her job as General Manager of PurpleMoon Creations.  She also acts as a sounding board for new and established designers on the grid.  You can catch the rare glimpse of the former fashion model when she is asked to pose for the occasional magazine spread.  (More often than not, SLFierce) where she has had the honor of posing for photographers such as Honey Bender and Shena Neox.

Joining forces with her sister and fellow blogger, Caiti, Bella hopes that the Deviant’s Boudoir will be a blog that differs from the status quo and breathes new life into the SL Fashion Blog.

With incredibly high standards in what she will wear and even higher for what she will blog, Bella describes her style as Romantic Boho Glam (It’s not really a thing, but sssh just take it). Bella uses only SL Windlight/Shadows and basic photo filters on her blog posts with minimal to no photoshopping. She believes a bloggers job is to show the clothing as it would appear on the grid. She does not consider herself an SL Photographer. She also says fuck you to all the requirements put on bloggers in Second Life.  Bella has a Flickr cause….well she doesn’t know why she does.  She does not exchange a like for a like and refuses to follow people just cause they follow her.

In RL Bella is a proud New York City/Long Island girl who is currently living on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

She also has a shameless crush on Vampire Model extraordinaire Winter Jefferson.


Caitlin Mirabella

Caiti entered the blogging scene in June of 2012 as a strictly Flickr-based Look of the Day photographer, eager to share the cute things she encountered in her daily travels with the Secondlife community. Once she gained a little bit of confidence, she expressed an interest in blogging and joined the blogging team of Ember Adored, Savannah Porterfield and Kailee Soulstar at Paper Dolls. Working with a team of like-minded women taught her styling and photography skills, and Caiti’s easy ability to float between the blogging world and the world of SL high-fashion gave her valuable insights on the world of blogging in general, and how to communicate effectively with people. In late 2013 she and Kailee branched out on their own and started up a new page, called Dolly Fabulosity.

Caiti has welcomed a variety of talented designers to her personal sponsors, including =MODA= and Cynful Clothing and Co., talented pose creators such as Poseology and GlamRus Poses, and event coverage as an official blogger for The Seasons Story, My Attic and The Indulgence Fair, just to name a few.

Due to real life interference, Caiti took a step down from blogging and away from SecondLife as a whole beginning at the end of 2015 and lasting the entirety of 2016. She is entering 2017 with a fresh perspective and renewed excitement to showcase her findings with the grid again.

Caiti’s style can be described as goth-rock kink, with an occasional explosion of pink and glitter mixed in. She is pretty picky as to what she will wear and what she will blog. Caiti will generally shoot two photos per blog post, one using filters and effects in Photoshop and the other using SL windlights and shadows to show what the items will look like in “real time”. Any editing done to her photos in either setting are done in the background, she will not edit the actual clothing in any way, shape or form so as not to trick potential customers.

Caiti blogs in spurts and then retreats to focusing on her art outside of blogging once all of her obligations are met every month. She is very active on Flickr and will blog at least three times a month, more times if she is invited to be an official event blogger, or if her schedule permits it. Caiti works as a nurse in RL, and while she will always meet her minimum obligations for her sponsors, will not overexert herself if she feels her art will suffer, or she will not be able to do a proper job of promoting her chosen sponsors, or(most importantly) if she is too exhausted from her work in RL to do so.