Cleaning Out My Closet 3 – Lazy Sunday Morning Musings

“And when the night is cloudy, There is still a light that shines on me, Shine until tomorrow. Let it be.”  Lennon/McCartney

Think that from now on I am gonna call these posts COMC – just shorter.  Style #3.  This is NOT the look that I had originally wanted to blog.  I have had this other look styled for OVER a month…and it’s probably, in my opinion, one of the best stylings I have done…but I can NOT for the life of me figure out the posing, the background..the REST of the post.  I showed my friend, the amazing Tempest Rosca (visit her blog here or her Flickr here) and even she agreed it needed a quirky kind of setting…but my little brain was fried.  So I took that outfit off and decided I needed to be in something comfy.  It always amazed me, at least for me, that if I am in a certain head space in rl…the clothes my avi wears must reflect that or I feel all kinds of off and weird.  So I got into my favorite pair of Blueberry Jeans and the Blueberry Mili Cardigan.  I had no plans on blogging it (cause I mean tons of people blog Blueberry daily) but the styling came together.

Cleaning Out My Closet 3 - Lazy Sunday Morning Musings

I had an off day on SL yesterday.  I have never had any issue doing ANYTHING on Bella. I am who I am.  I like sex, I love doing naughty RP (if you want to judge me, you can…while you’re at it, you can kiss my ass as well). I do have an alt. I rarely go on her, but occasionally I do.  She’s the anti Bella.  Super short, HUGE boobs, HUGE ass, cute little pouty face, blonde hair…a bimbo basically.  I have less than 15 people on her friends list.  While those closest to me know about her, even they aren’t on the friends list. I don’t get ims from customers or anything. I can just be.  But for some reason on her, I can go to a dark mental place pretty quickly.  Which is why I am not on her a lot.  Yesterday though, I stayed on her way too long.  My amazing best friend and sissy, Bella LaSalle, who is also a submissive sl/rl, talked me down and out of it, but it’s really funny how SL can be such a mind fuck.  Now, no one is too blame for what happened except me.  I was having fun at the time, but then later, I was just like..BLECH.  I got off SL, took a VERY long, VERY hot shower, made myself some hot coco, got into comfy clothes and RL and centered myself.  I came back and on Bella and put her into some comfy clothes and just sat and talked to good friends.  I knew the feeling would pass and now it’s a beautiful Sunday morning.  Short work week and holidays to look forward to.  I have no idea how to end this post, so I’ll just say here is the styling card.  Enjoy.

I always use my Lumipro Hud
I wear the Lelutka Simone Bento Head and Maitreya Lara Body
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Hair – Marina Hair (Silver Palette) – Opale (I told you, I am obsessed)
Earrings/Necklace – Esra’s Giant Teardrop – Maxi Gossamer
Top – Mili Cardigan Set – Blueberry
Jeans – DWL Jeans – Boot Cut – Blueberry
Sneakers – Arianna Sneakers – Corduroy Hud – Reign

Build – Garden Bard Abode – Trompe Loeil
Background Texture – JT’S Premium Backgrounds – 2 Blue – Lakes and Trees
Stool – Texture Change Knitted Stool – Dust Bunny (pose used is in stool)
Rug – Antique Rug in Black – {anc}
Plants – Rebecca’s Ball Topiary – [Tia]
Lights – Bellevie Light String in White – {what next}
Decor Items:
Hopathia Autumn Donut/Hopathia Autumn Coffee – Serenity Style
Oracle Bookstack – random.Matter
Vintage Birdcage in Gold – +Half-Deer+

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