Cleaning Out My Closet #2 – In A Flickr Tizzy

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Arthur Ashe

I can not believe the amount of fun I am having with this little challenge for myself.  This one I could NOT believe I had all this stuff just laying around in my inventory.  I do have to admit..I did purchase two things yesterday that are in this styling…the hair – which is new from Opale…and I am OBSESSED with the Silver Palette from that store…and the BabyDoll Head Lamp which was a 50L Friday item from NoMad.  I mean…I seriously could not pass that up….IT’S A LAMP MADE FROM A BABYDOLL HEAD.

But I digress.  The Blogging World is in a tizzy.  Flickr is going back to its old ways and limiting the number of groups one can post their pictures in.  I’m not bothered by it. Hell, I find the entire thing liberating.  I would spend TONS of time dumping my pictures into over 300 groups (it took time, cause unlike others, I would make sure that the picture fit the theme of the group. I didn’t just add to every single group).  I stopped going for sponsors cause the requirements for Flickr views and likes was insane.  And I would get frustrated cause I would see work…that… MY OPINION (and apparently the opinions of others) did NOT deserve the accolades…but they played the Flickr game well or they fucked for favorites (Yes, I recently heard about that happening).  I never did that. I never liked someone back just cause they liked me or favorited a picture of mine. I suck at playing the game. It holds no interest for me and it frankly, bores me.  Since the change…did my views go down..Sure did.  BUT..the ratio of likes to views for me actually GOT BETTER.  I’ve never been one of those people who got hundreds and hundreds of likes (I think I have ONE picture that has over 100 likes…and it took a couple of months to get there).

Cleaning Out My Closet #2

I am proud of my work for the most part.  I know I am good at what I do considering what I do it with. I don’t spend hours in Photoshop cleaning up my pictures cause I spend the time working with lighting and shadows and poses in world.  At the end, my post processing is adding my picture to ($4.99 a month for pro, not bad at all — no i’m not getting a kickback) and running a photo filter over it, then I add my little Bella 2017 (soon to be 2018) in the corner in fancy script.  Takes me about 5 minutes. Depending on the styling and how lazy I’m feeling..the actual process can be an hour or three days in world.   And I always believed that’s where most of the things for blogging should come from..IN WORLD.  If you are blogging, don’t paint your hair…you are a fashion blogger, someone is gonna want to know WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HAIR….and your answer is gonna be “my butt cause I painted it in photoshop”.  Yes I understand featuring your sponsors…but when I look at a blog, I am not JUST looking at the featured content.

Anyhoo, I once again digress. I hope this Flickr things brings blogging back to what it should be.  To what it was when I started almost 7 years ago.  Click on the picture to yes, go to my Flickr and you can see the two separate pics.  A big thank you to my friend Simonsayskneel Resident for helping me with his sexy pixels (He’s cute right ladies….and he’s got a sexy Aussie accent to go with it!)

Once again – everything is from my inventory except for the hair and the lamp! (Well it’s in my inventory now…but you know what I mean)

Hair – Vicky Hair V2 (pack comes with two versions) Silver Palette – Opale
Eye Shadow – Queen Palette (A) – Pink Fuel (Past PowderPack)
Lipstick – Ikonik #6 – P O E M A (past PowderPack)
Headphones – Anouk Headphones NO WIRE in Gold – Bauhaus Movement
Upper Arm Bands – Triple Swirl Armlet in Gold – La Sirena
Necklace – Barcelona Boho Group 1 – Maxi Gossamer
Nails – from Skeleton Hand Compatible Nail System – Maitreya Stiletto – Astralia
Dress – Isabel Dress – PurpleMoon Creations
Boots – Awilda Boots – PurpleMoon Creations

Set Pieces
Build – Studio Grunge Photo Space – oOo Studio Poses
Couch – Old Sofa – Storyteller’s Burrow (GACHA)
Chair – Old Armchair – Storyteller’s Burrow (GACHA)
Guitar – Martin’s Busker Guitar – Apple Fall
Microphone – from the Modern Studio  Set – THUNK!
Lamp – Doll Head Table Lamp – NOMAD
Posters – Phantom of the Opera Poster  – Larnia HD
Moon Poster – Stay Wild Moon Child – BoWillow (Gacha Gardens Gift – still available)
Horoscope Poster – 26 Celestial Sky RARE – Static
Sign – Neon Go Fuck Yourself – Floorplan
Poses – Top Picture – Animation from Couch
Bottom Picture – Animation that Comes with the Build from oOo Studios


and that my lovelies – is why I only link to sponsors.




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