Cleaning Out My Closet

I recently was organizing/cleaning out my inventory…a task that seems to be never ending in my world and in the world of many others.  Once I got things organized, I noticed, like many of us, that I had things in my inventory that I had purchased that I TOTALLY forgot I had.  I realized, that I have some pretty great things in my inventory.  Things I never wear and definitely never blogged.  As the for the four of you who read my little bloggy blog know, I have been struggling for YEARS over this blog and inspiration.  I am not adept in photoshop.  I want to be, but I am far too lazy.

Cleaning Out My Closet

I decided, and I don’t know how long this will last and I can’t promise that I won’t blog stuff I just got, but I am going to try to blog things I already own.  I will try my best to not blog gifts or hunt items that are no longer available. I will try to not use the same item more than once. I can not promise that the items or the stores are even still around (I will of course credit them).  Some items may be from my sponsors that I never got around to blogging.  Some things will be from monthly boxes and not available anymore…but if you like that item, who’s to say that you will not like OTHER things that store may have. I WEAR THE LELUTKA SIMONE – ALL MAKEUP IS FOR THAT HEAD (I do not know if it comes in appliers for other heads as I delete those huds – If they have an omega applier also I will state it) Anyway, this is about me trying to find my creative juices in SL again.  (And hopefully it will also force me to use the TON of accessories I have that I LOVE to buy but never use).

**Remember lovelies – links denote sponsors**
NO SPONSORS IN THIS POST (you can use search, it won’t hurt, I promise)

Hair – No.39’16 – Red(Mint)(Black & White Hud)
Eye shadow – Backstage Model Special – Studio Exposure. (past PowderPack)
Lipstick – Ultra Matte Lip Collection – Bold & Beauty (past PowderPack)
Top – Olenna Top in Latte – *(Junbug)*
Skirt – Olenna Skirt in Leaf – *(Junbug)*
Flowers in Hand – Spiderwort Bouquet in White – *LODE*
Poses – Avantegarde Line 1-6 – Di’s Opera


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