.Cocaine Model.

I know I say it often, but work is a killer! Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a nurse, it’s hard work and I hate seeing my patients deteriorate(I work as an RN in a skilled nursing facility, most of my patients are elderly), and that is what I have been dealing with for the past month…we’ve lost a few patients, one has become a roamer and so our next course of action is to move this person to a safer facility…

I’ve had next to no time to enjoy my summer in RL, so I’ll just enjoy what I can here in SL, starting with this bikini set from CerberusXing at Epiphany! This set comes in multiple colors, the shoes are gorgeous, and the crown is the exclusive gift! I have lots of love for bikinis in SL because my legs look horrible in RL, and this one is definitely a favorite. Shows off a lot of skin but still keeps you covered(ish). Once again Cerberus makes a winner 😀
.Cocaine Model.

Caiti ❤

Hair: TRUTH Tori – Reds – July 2017 VIP Group Gift
*Group fee is a one-time 350L payment, each month an exclusive hair is released just for the group! If you’re not in this group yet, you need to be*
Crown: [CerberusXing]Epiphany – Sinister Summer Crown(Silver) – Epiphany Exclusive
Collar: **RealEvil Industries** Raven Collar – Lock v2.1 – Female
Bikini: [CX] @ Epiphany – Sinister Summer Bikini – Pink/Silver(Maitreya fit)
Shoes: [CX]Epiphany – Sinister Summer Heel – Pink/Silver(Maitreya)

Poses: LEFT:(pda) Kettle Drum(inworld store is closed, no Marketplace store available) RIGHT: aDORKable Poses: Attitude 3(Store no longer exists inworld and Marketplace store is empty!)
Backdrop: anxiety %83


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