Figured you were all sick of looking at Caiti’s posts, since she’s the responsible blogger.  Caught the bug to do a post after seeing this offering from Wicca’s Wardrobe at the Vintage Fair.  I have no bones in stating that I have been very lucky to count Wicca as a good friend in SL for many years.  When she took the leap from top SL Supermodel to Fashion Designer I was right there cheering her on.  She is insanely talented, along with her partner in SL and Business, Redclaw Inshan.   Her designs have found a niche in SL that surprisingly very few have been willing to fill.

I didn’t want to do the obvious and put on the always fabulous Sadie Hair from Truth (which would be the go to for any vintage/rockabilly look.  So I went diving deep into my inventory and have probably committed a cardinal sin…which is to blog an item that I am not so sure is available anymore.  Oh well…the minute I put it on, I felt like Tracy Lord’s character from the fantastic John Waters film “Crybaby” (If you haven’t seen it, go and run…this is Johnny Depp pre eyeliner and only doing Tim Burton movies)


I only wear two tats in sl on a consistent basis…..the Dark Shadows back tat from White Widow and tattooed seems up the back of my legs that were made for me by my Sir on SL.  I wanted to get a bit more tatted up for this shot, so I ran off to White Widow (honestly, if you love tats go there…no one does them as well as Julie Hastings and that is proven by the fact that her store has been around for 6 plus years in SL). For my legs though, I wanted to show off the amazing body art that Poulet Koenkamp, owner and designer of PurpleMoon Creations has been occasionally be putting out (Another name dropping moment…you would think being an employee of PM for the past 6 years and manager for 4 years, I would blog more of it….nevermind that Poulet is one of my dearest friends and was even matron of honor at my SL wedding….yeah..i know…I suck and i’m a bad person.  Why anyone likes me is beyond me…oh…wait..I’m awesome. 😀

Now enough of the babbling and on to the links.  Remember kiddies, how I do it…cost of admission for me to do an actual link is sponsorship.  If not…everyone in sl should know how to do the search function.


**Links Denote Sponsored Items – Except For White Widow Cause I Just Really Like Julie**

Hair – Vertigo – Lamb (From October 2016 Luxe Box)
Hair Flower – Taken from the Daisy Hair by – Letituier
Eyeshadow/Lipstick – Amy – Amara Beauty (June 2017 Lelutka PowderPack)
Upper Body/Arm Tats – Music Box – White Widow
Bangles – Black Dare – Maxi Gossamer
Dress – Olivia Dress (Polka Dots) – Wicca’s Wardrobe @ The Vintage Fair
Leg Art – Love Forever Tattoo (Omega ONLY) – PurpleMoon Creations @ TVFair
Shoes – Gemma Booties – Reign (From the Coven Gatcha Set)
Pose Prop/Poses – Backdrop Scene #1 – WetCat & LEMON
Pose – DelMay




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